BRC rules & FAQ on horses Flu Vaccinations and Microchipping (November 2020)

Virtual Photograph Competition Results 2020

Class 1 – Best Horse and Rider/Owner Selfie
1st Christine Banks
2nd Chloe Lee
3rd Vicky Hukins
4th Bea Alloway
5th Fiona Blaxland
6th Marianne Blaxland

Class 2 – Best Fancy Dress
1st Zoe Sollis
2nd Charlotte Allaway
3rd Juliet LD
4th Jane Miles – Pixie
5th Karen Whittaker
6th Jane Miles-willow

Class 3 – Handsome Gelding
1st Louise Jarvis
2nd Charlotte Allaway
3rd Christine Banks
4thJane Miles- Darcy
5th Beatrice Allaway
6th Vicky Hukins

Class 4 – Prettiest Mare
1st Emily Brodick Lola
2nd Zoe Sollis
3rd Helen Brophy
4th Jo Powel Bella
5th Charlotte Allaway Winnie

6th Lucy Yeates

Class 5 – Best Veteran horses / ponies/ to be over the age of 16 at the time of the photograph
1st Virginia Millington
2nd Jo Powel
3rd Charlotte Allaway
4th Jane Miles
5th Karen Whittaker
6th Zoe Sollis

Class 6 – Funniest photo – make the judges laugh
1st Anne Rogers
2nd Jo Powell/ Jenny Lee

3rd Jane Miles Nando
4th Sally Moir
5th Bea Allaway
6th Juliette LD Oscar

Class 7 – Best Coloured – open to piebalds, skewbalds, palominos, duns, roans and spotted horses and ponies
1st Louise Jarvis
2nd Christine Banks
3rd Charlotte Allaway- Danny

4th Jo Powell
5th Karen Whittaker- Gunny

6th Emily Brodrick

Class 8 – Registered Thoroughbreds
1st Bea Allaway
2nd Beth Connor- Robert
3rd Sally Moir
4th Jane Miles
5th Beth Connor-Jimmy

Class 9
1st Jo Powell
2nd Karen Whittaker
3rd Emily Brodrick
4th Dominic Sewell
5th Jenny Lee
6th Sally Moir

Class 10 – Best RVRC moment – whether it be a hack with RVRC members or friends, competing at championships or having a dance at the RVRC AGM!
1st Jane Miles -Hack
2nd Helen Brophy
3rd Jane Miles- Agm
4th Vicky Hukins
5th Charlotte Allaway
6th Sally Moir

Special Dom LD- most entertaining write up.

Our Guest Judge was Jen Baldwin Murphy of Haysden Livery Breeder Sports Horse and Minis.
A massive thank you for judging for RVRC.

Well done 😁 everyone

Charlotte Alloway Danny Class 2
🥈Reserve Champion
Helen Brophy Class 4