RVRC Juniors – Virtual Intermediate Dressage Championships – Re-scheduled 2020

In December 2019 RVRC Juniors competed at the Intermediate Dressage Area Qualifiers.  The Blue team of Oliver Levy, Alice Singer, Zoe Sollis and Emily Morris narrowly beat the Yellow Team of Hollie Jones, Kiera Whiteman, Amy Tate and Tia Whiteman.  As the teams were so close in points, the BRC allowed both Teams to qualify for the Championships which were to be held at Bury Farm in April 2020.

Sadly the Championships did not go ahead as planned due to Covid.  Obviously the juniors were incredibly disappointed not to attend Bury Farm in 2020, as we all love a road trip with our ponies and team mates.  However, in true RVRC style, they got the job done! 

In the meantime, Amy had headed off to University, Hollie had sold her horse and 3 Team members were studying for their A’level assessments.  We also had poor Sara Whiteman injured so Tia and Kiera were busy running the yard. So getting tests filmed for the Championships was not going to be easy.  Also, not everyone had somewhere to actually film their test!

There was Covid, there was snow, there was mud.  We had travel restrictions, we had malfunctioning phones but the end result was 11 beautifully ridden tests on very smartly turned out horses.  The results of the Juniors are a testament to the hard work they all put in.  All had incredibly high marks for a Championship, they should be very proud.

In all honesty, as lovely as it is to represent your club at a Championship in any form, the virtual route takes away the team camaraderie, the excitement of a road trip and there were no chips, cake or gin for the Team Manager! 

That said, seeing your team mate up on screen, waiting for the results was a great way to give some drama to the proceedings (for those who didn’t have camera issues causing enough drama that is!)

I make no excuses, I literally jumped up and down when I saw little Oscar trotting down the very squelchy, tufty centre line on my screen!  It was the icing on the cake to see 2 Juniors (Alice and Oliver) win their classes overall.  But to get 2 teams in the top 3 at a championship is pretty special.

As chief video person, I can honestly say, I am done with Virtual dressage.  My phone froze, sped up, zoomed in too far, wouldn’t zoom, it also died on me so I had to borrow a phone to film and that was just practising my camera skills during the warm up!  I have now had to replace my phone and I swear it’s because it had given up the will to video another dressage test! 

I would like to personally thank Sara Whiteman, Jane Tate, Emma Sollis, Lorraine Singer and Anna Levy for their support and patience!

Report by Caroline Morris

Team Results: 

1st Blue Team – Oliver Levy, Alice Singer, Zoe Sollis, Emily Morris

3rd Yellow Team – Emily Morris, Kiera Whiteman, Amy Tate, Tia Whiteman

Individual Results: 

D4 1st Oliver Levy – Fraggle Rock 74.4% / 3rd Emily Morris – Tangfastic Oscar 71.2%  / 6th Zoe Sollis – Robert the Black 68.2%

100 HT 6TH Amy Tate – Grantstown Class Act 71.84% / 7th Zoe Sollis – Kippure Buccaneer 70.53%

D10 1st Alice Singer = Maltease Cruise 72.0% / 2nd Emily Morris – Easily Vivendia 71.6% / 9th Amy Tate – Grantstown Class Act 68.0% / 11th Kiera Whiteman – BH Gringos Pearly 67.2%

Elementary 2nd Emily Morris – Easily Vivendia 70.6% / 7th Tia Whiteman – All That Jazz 67.6% 

Oliver Levy – Fraggle Rock
Zoe Sollis – Kippure Buccaneer
Emily Morris – Easily Vivendia
Alice Singer – Maltease Cruise
Zoe Sollis Robert the Black 
Amy Tate
Tia Whiteman
Keira Whiteman
Tangfastic Oscar